Notice: To Those With An Appetite For More

images-1The Sultanette has been knee-deep in a tantalizing foray that strikes to the marrow of Male Harem maintenance: The fine art of kicking ass and taking names, mainly her own. So as I hit a new stride, I offer a tempting assortment of new topics to tease you along this precarious, erotic and invigorating path of self-discovery.

imgres-1Stay tuned fellow chain-jerkers, chop-busters, and cage-rattlers for future confections to chew on including: the joy of risk (savored only when you discover what’s next after you think you’ve lost everything); the exquisite pain of happiness (nirvana being not all it’s cut out to be); the power of making a world-class exit (only one carry-on of emotional baggage, please); and the thrill of cerebral foreplay (synapses and the single girl).

Also down the pike, the long-awaited follow-up to The Male Harem: FAQs based on The Sultanette’s most recent fieldwork – a guide to male harem membership levels for those of you contemplating curating your own.

imgresIn the meantime, if you have a request you’d like The Sultanette to riff on or an experience to share within the anonymity of the seraglio, I welcome your engagement. Who knows what other provocative themes The Male Harem will inspire as we continue on this road trip?